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disemitation of energy innovation projects - Dissemination of energy projects

Dissemination of energy projects

This is a part of the projects that involves the preparation of a plan that includes such relevant aspects as what is to be achieved with the project, the target audience to which its development must be directed, distribution channels that will be used to achieve the objectives , the methods when assessing whether goals have been achieved or an evaluation of said plan and in general obtaining the necessary and deserved dissemination that really adds value. Likewise, it must be taken into consideration, even with a calendar, that the actions or tactics of the dissemination itself must be determined and specified, which are implicit in the dissemination or communication plan itself.

At Zeltener we are also dedicated to the work of dissemination or communication and the use of the results of projects in the energy sector. These lines of activity can be approached in two ways. On the one hand, in some projects they are an obligatory part of them when they are carried out. And although this is not the case in other projects, this activity of disseminating each project is considered essential to ensure the proper course of its development through the distribution or sale of the resulting information. In communication or dissemination tasks, at Zeltener we can manage the creation of a communication plan, its development and implementation, in projects that require this specialized dissemination work, even for commercial purposes.

Our experts can carry out the work of event management, image design and visual identity, contacts and publication in the media, website creation, production of audiovisual material (videos, podcasts…), social media management, advertising, etc. and everything that entails the dissemination of projects. Regarding the commercialization tasks, our teams can create a marketing plan that takes into account aspects such as intellectual property protection, the possible geographical extent to be covered or that of the market and target audience, needs or requirements, among others. considerations. All this taking into account terms of use and coverage, study of costs, risks, regulations to be met and standards, etc. In addition, an analysis of the competition, or a strategy of the price of the product or service that is likely to be needed, should also be planted in the same line.

In summary, the work that Zeltener can develop in terms of dissemination, communication and distribution of projects in the field of energy is more than added value that allows assessing the scope of the projects and quantifying it to the point of obtaining income from them.