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ZELTENER makes available to its partners, collaborators and clients its capacity to develop innovation strategies from the particular energy fact of each actor, delving into the service or production process, in favor of improving its sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness.

Circular economy

ZELTENER offers an analysis of the current economic and production model to propose its evolution through alternatives that reduce dependence on raw materials based on the recovery of products and components, giving them added value by reimbricating them in its own or third-party production processes.


ZELTENER has developed its own methodology that considers the environmental variable as one more criterion in the process of designing industrial products, thus adding to other previous factors such as sustainability, economic costs or quality, and adding the subsequent ones associated with the end of its cycle of life (reuse and recycling). The ultimate goal is to improve the environmental performance of products throughout their life cycle.

Dissemination of energy projects

At ZELTENER we cover the need to disseminate projects in the energy sector. Communication, dissemination and distribution work is necessary in some cases and in any case adds value to meet objectives, obtain a return and have better results in each project.