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RMC. Regenerative Modular Chimney.

In collaboration with the companies ATI, INSEGA, INTEGASA, DINAK and the University of Vigo, ZELTENER undertakes the design and construction of a modular unit for the recovery of thermal energy from industrial chimneys and its subsequent conversion to electrical energy. For this, it is based on the exchange technology of INTEGASA, the modeling capacity of the University of Vigo, the potential in instrumentation, control and programming of ATI and INSEGA, and the capacity of DINAK to manufacture modular chimneys.

Digital twin technology for optimizing the design of energy solutions.

Zeltener incorporates digital twin technology as a tool for optimizing the design of energy solutions for new production units. The digital twin consists of digitally recreating or replicating a process, product or service, using real information and data, in order to evaluate it or predict how it will work. This is about avoiding failures in physical objects, services and systems, or performing advanced analysis, monitoring and anticipation functions.

The application of the digital twin technology allows Zeltener (once the equipment/systems that make up the process are known), to evaluate the optimum productive lay-out from the energy point of view, to evaluate the development from design to implementation and even the dismantling of the production unit (warehouse, factory, assembly line, etc.), predicting the effects and behavior of the production plant allowing anticipation of downtime, reacting in advance to changing circumstances, testing design improvements, studying alternatives for energy supplies (solar panels, geothermal, heat pump, conventional sources, …).

As final results of the application of the digital twin technology, complementary to the optimization of the optimal energy solution (generation, storage, management), the reduction of implementation and energy costs, the increase in the efficiency of the process and the reduction of interruptions. of the process optimizing the operational mode.

SETGA, a lighting manufacturer company, has incorporated digital energy twin technology in the expansion project of its facilities, in order to optimize the layout of the plant, as well as its energy generation and management system.