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Energy generation solutions

At ZELTENER we provide energy generation solutions, optimizing available resources, whether they are of renewable origin or associated with other surplus energy.

54% of the primary energy consumed on the planet is lost in the form of unused thermal energy (chimneys, cooling systems, etc..). Source: Enerbasque (2015)”.

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Integral energy management

The experience accumulated in the energy sector –which in the end is transversal to all human activity– allows us to have a comprehensive offer in which we contemplate the energy fact in all its magnitude, from comfort to mobility, from food to waste management, from the predictable to the unpredictable renewable, from the particular (autonomous systems) to the general (microgrids), from the thermal to the electrical (going through the mechanical and chemical).

We offer customized solutions for each project or client, integrating these solutions into their reality, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of said reality, reducing the global energy and carbon footprint and, consequently, reducing both economic and environmental costs.

The spectrum of possibilities for power generation that we manage allows us to tackle projects from several kilowatts to megawatts, comprehensively managing all the components of the installation.

Our experience in this type of projects, our know-how, covers various areas and areas of knowledge, specified in:

  • Biomass gasification to obtain liquid fuels.

  • Obtaining hydrogen from biomass.

  • Development of new fuels.

  • Smart energy management.

  • Energy solutions for remote areas.

  • Engineering for the adaptation of combustion engines to new fuels.

  • Integration of energy systems in island / parallel network applications, heating networks, etc.

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